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The Human Tune Up

Friday, April 11th, 2008

One thing I enjoy about life in 21st century America is the incredible amount of options we have. Technology and abundant knowledge have afforded us many opportunities to change our world, and ourselves. In the past, the human body was limited to undergoing certain, inevitable changes based on age and other circumstances. Now, with the power of skilled doctors and surgery, we can reverse certain effects and restore a natural form and function to our physique.

Hair transplants, facelifts, and vaginal tightening are just a few of the procedures that have been and continue to be used to give people back the physical look and feel that they had years ago.

It’s interesting how certain issues that used to be taboo to discuss are now a bit more openly accepted. For instance, some women are to a certain degree unimpressed with the changes their bodies accrue over time. Childbirth and aging can have major physiological effects, and many of those effects are not compatible with the most thrilling of sex lives. Not that a sex life is the only type of life. But for many, it’s highly crucial to a successful relationship.

These effects, coupled with our knowledge of the potential to reverse them, have led to a new wave of interest in plastic surgery. Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore are two internationally renowned surgeons who operate out of Atlanta, and have used surgery and lasers to reform that certain part of a woman’s body to make it regain its lost youth. They have done this in 46 states, and in 23 countries. Their comprehensive web site can be reached at