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Terminator Love Bot?

Monday, August 11th, 2008

I watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot again yesterday. John Connor offered Cameron a potato chip. At first it looked like she blew him off. Then he asked her what model Terminator she was, since she seemed different. She said, "I am," (meaning she was different from other Terminators) and ate a chip.

So I was wondering… does this new storyline have to do with robots that can bear children? Or not even going that far, what if there was some sort of resolution where humankind and sentient machines were living together in the future?

Could a Terminator from a post-war future come back to help out? What would the reason be for that?

On another note, I saw a promo where Cameron exits the vehicle that exploded last season, and gets down to the business of treating her injuries by using a staple gun to secure part of her face…

Oh! Big idea: Why don't the humans or Terminators in the future use the artificial skin technology to coat a duffel bag with living tissue? That way they could send weapons and technology through time… After all, the Terminator in the pilot hid a gun inside his own leg!

TV Fiction Turns Real: Episode Two

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Ok, this is a little late, so please forgive me. But even after all this time, I still think it's interesting. Especially since it has a similar feel to my earlier post about Dr. Venture and Super Science being real.

On Monday, Feb. 25, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" aired a new episode on Fox. I love that show. At one point in the episode, Cameron (the girl Terminator, protector and aid to the Connors) infiltrated a power station and damaged it in such a way that massive blackouts ensued nearby. She then took advantage of the commotion caused by these blackouts to gather secret information.

On Tues, Feb. 26, in real life, "Widespread outages [were] reported in Florida … [because] a problem with Florida's electrical grid caused a nuclear plant to automatically shut down … and intermittently cut power to up to 3 million people…."

I see three options for an explanation.

Option #1: This whole thing was pure coincidence.

Option #2: Synchronicity is at work, and Dorothy will soon visit the Dark Side of the Rainbow.

Option #3: An Artificial Intelligence has already become self-aware, and is highly amused by the stories of SkyNet. This amusement exists to such an extent that the AI refers to itself by the name "SkyNet," and will attempt to act out what it sees in all forms of media referencing the Terminator. After all, SkyNet see, SkyNet do.

Terminator Is A Retelling Of The Birth Of Christ

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

I've had this idea before, in lesser forms, and every time I come back to it there seems to be another piece of evidence supporting it. Maybe some of you've already thought of this or read about it somewhere else.

This is what I've realized so far:

In the story of Jesus, an angel comes down from Heaven to the Virgin Mary, and tells her she is blessed because she will give birth to our savior, Jesus Christ.

In "Terminator," Kyle Reese comes back from the future to Sarah Connor, and tells her she is destined to give birth to humankind's savior, John Connor.

John Connor = J. C. = Jesus Christ
Kyle Reese = The Angel
Sarah Connor = Mary

Heaven, like the future, cannot be easily reached. Visiting either place requires special circumstances. To get to Heaven, one must at the very least die. To get to the future, one must continue to live and allow around 40 years to pass (40 years from 1984, before Judgement Day was shifted around in the sequels).

Makes sense right? Well, here's what I don't get. If John Connor, Sarah Connor, and Kyle Reese each represent a character in the telling of the birth of Jesus, who is represented by… [voice of young John Connor] Miles Dyson!