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Cosmetic Surgery Is Valid

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

I’ve heard the idea that some people will just never be happy with their bodies, no matter how much surgery they get. But there are definitely situations in which cosmetic surgery can make a major impact in someone’s life. I do believe it has made a difference scores of times.

Dr. Andrew Kleinman is a plastic surgeon. He operates out of Westchester, NY, and he is board-certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for his specialization, which is cosmetic plastic surgery. I guess that means that for cosmetic surgery Westchester is where it’s at.

No matter what your goals are, Dr. Kleinman will work closely with you and craft a unique plan for treatment. Above all, he works so that his patients look natural post-surgery.

For before and after photos, visit

If You Want Lasik, Go To Texas

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Because that’s where Jack Holladay lives. What a cool name. Like a combination between Jack Slater (Professional Action Hero) and Doc Holliday (The Famous Dentist).

But it takes more than a name to justify crossing into sovereign Texas soil! If only there was some kind of list… oh, here it is:

  • Jack Holladay, MD is a surgeon. Lasik surgeon.

  • He is an engineer.
  • He is a physician.
  • He is a teacher to other surgeons.
  • He has written books on eye surgery.
  • He has been published many, many times in medical journals.
  • He was the president of various ophthalmology organizations.
  • He advises the manufacturers of certain medical devices.
  • He has won various honors and awards.
  • He is certified by USAEyes, a nonprofit Lasik patient advocacy group.
  • He was “acknowledged in 2002-2003 as one of the ‘Best Doctors in America.’”
  • Inside Houston Magazine recognized him as one of the “Top Doctors In Houston.”

In Houston, he’s in the top. In America, he’s among the best. With Lasik, he’s a pro. It’s all good! So if you want Lasik, you could go with some Dr. Nick, or you could go to Texas.