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Award-Winning Online Furniture Store

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Maybe you’ve heard of the big name furniture stores, and the little guys trying to keep up where you live. But what about the guys online? They have the whole world to compete with, so they must be tough! GreatPricedFurniture.com has furniture at great prices, plus eco friendly furniture for the kids (and anyone else serious about being nice to mother earth). So why hoof it to the store when you could conveniently shop online at GreatPricedFurniture.com?

Coupon Codes + Internet = Awesome

Friday, March 28th, 2008

This is genius! Someone out there made a site listing the coupon codes for a bunch of different stores. It’s 1-coupons.com. Finally, right? I mean after all these years of sharing music and videos, you’d think there’d be a place to say, “Hey! I got this great deal using this code!” And I don’t just mean some forum. Sure, forums have been the place to share coupon codes for a while, but that’s just because no one major site has grouped all the best deals together. And now one has. 1-coupons.com has discount info on everything, like “$30 off order of $500 or more at Overstock.com” and a promotion code for cheap airline tickets. Cool.

You can also sort among stores, and see which discounts your favorite companies offer. So like if you were a huge Sharper Image fan, and wanted an Ionic Breeze super cheap, you’d click “Sharper Image.” Or maybe you want discount running shoes at Foot Locker. Or one of those Little Giant Ladder Systems with free shipping. Whatever you want, it’s probably on discount, and 1-coupons.com knows about it.

Wow, seeing all those great deals makes me want to go spend some money. Seriously. Not just to help boost our economy. It’s like when you see a ton of bargains, and are convinced that you’ll be getting way more value for your dollar than usual, it’s a pretty big incentive to spend! But again, the only reason I’m shop-hungry is because of the prospect of so many deals. It’s about time 1-coupons.com came along and compiled an updated list of coupon codes for every major online store.

Best Store-Bought Pizza: Digiorno Ultimate 4-Meat

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

I love pizza with meat. Especially pork. I love pepperoni, sausage, ham, and bacon. So I was thrilled to learn that Digiorno has a pizza with those four meats as the predominant toppings. In fact, the only other thing besides those meats and the crust is the sauce and cheese. It's awesome.

And the crust! It's got some sort of magic oil reserved for deep dish pizza at Pizza Hut. Not the kind of orange, greasy stuff that drips off lame cafeteria pizzas and leaves a stain on your napkin. This is the mother of all pizza crust oils. Barely there, but you know it's there. It adds so much.

The sauce doesn't overpower the cheese or meat. The cheese is subtle, too. It's as if the sauce underlays the cheese, which cushions the best part of the pizza — the meat!

If you're looking for an artery-clogging, jaw-dropping, do-it-yourself non-delivery full-on meat-packed pizza, Digiorno Ultimate 4-Meat has you covered!