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Facebook Is Not Secure – We Are Not Secure

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

(This Summer, hit band "Facebook Is Not Secure" to release its newest album, "We Are Not Secure")

I just read on Yahoo that Facebook's recent security upgrades still don't prevent evil strangers from looking up all your private stuff.

Bottom line, don't post it.

There was a link (on Yahoo) to another article or video. The text was, "Military warns soldiers not to post info on Facebook."

It all makes so much sense! But some people conclude that the pros outweigh the cons. It's weird. Of course Facebook is making gobs of money by facilitating this sharing. But any site can be hacked. I assume that since Facebook isn't a bank, it is not as secure as PayPal. Maybe it should be.

Do You Own A Fortune 500 Company?

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

That would be so cool. Well, probably very stressful too, especially now with the U.S. dollar going down the toilet. But still, to be in charge of a behemoth, a Cash Machine, that would be pretty neat. And complex!

With technology changing so rapidly, you’ve got to stay on the edge. I just read somewhere that Japan wants to or will ban file sharers. Someone commented that the situation might force most users to upgrade to military-level anonymity. That’s crazy. But everyone’s got to stay secure, no matter what their situation.

I found out that Pragma Systems has been keeping Fortune 500 companies secure for 16 years. They build and adapt networking software, focusing on the telnet and ssh space. IBM’s a customer. So is… Coca Cola! And Intel, Sony, Target, HP, etc. etc. etc. They’ve got their act together. Great customer service I’m told. HQ in Texas. Don’t mess with Texas!

Basically Pragma makes its money by ensuring the security, scalability, reliability, and speed of telnet and ssh connectivity for major corporations. And of course, they cover Secured File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Sounds good…