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Not bad at all, but this topic is rather little of interest. Please do not disappoint your readership. (Comment Spam)

Friday, April 11th, 2008

I recently noticed that a comment was posted that urged me to shy away from posting "lesser" tidbits of interest, and focus on pleasing my readership.

I must not disappoint my millions of readers…

"But wait," I thought. "Could the person posting this comment consider my site worthy of such a remark?"

I had to be sure.

So I searched google for the exact contents of the comment.

203 results came up.

Unlucky me, I was sucked into thinking that my little old blog was interesting enough to be taken seriously.

The real clincher for how I know the comment was bogus is the fact that both the comment posted here and the first one I found on google point to [blah] and seem to advertise risqué content.

Ho hum, another day of spam-motivated deceit…