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Replace Oil With Another Limited Resource?

Monday, July 28th, 2008

I was thinking about our energy issues, and the thought occurred to me that there is money to be made if we don't opt for renewable energy sources. The location and quantity of crude oil make owning land in certain locations highly profitable, at everyone else's expense. If we were to discover or develop technology that produced free energy on a major scale, there would be far fewer people making money from fuel. "We can't let that happen!" comes the imaginary call to action.

What if there is a direction we're heading in that has already been predetermined by Big Oil or some other entity? What if a few years down the line, we've successfully escaped the need for oil, only to have created a new need, for some other limited resource?

Maybe some people think that's inevitable. But I was really hoping that we could use the technology at our disposal to make sure the next major fuel source is not limited in the least.

Chen Hsongs Holdings Limited RECEIVING AGENT/REPRESENTATIVE (Email Spam)

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

I got this one today. It freaked me out because I remember getting a similar one in the past, and at the time I was a little bit closer to taking it seriously. I had read the earlier "opportunity" over with some curiosity and doubt, and I think I ended up dismissing it more because I figured they contacted the wrong guy (what training did I have in order to qualify for the position?), and less because I realized it was a scam. Yikes! Don't you hate it when you catch your previous self in a moment of ignorance?

[Begin Email]

Subject: Hello
From: "Chen Hsongs Holdings Limited"
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 20:13:38 +0300 (MSK)

Dear Sir/madam,

I am the GBM (Chairman) of Chen Hsong Holdings Limited This Company
Established since 1958. After half a century of endless efforts, Chen
Hsong has grown from a small machinery workshop to one of the largest
manufacturers of injection moulding machines in the world.Chen Hsong
Holdings Limited, Produces, Exclusive circular platen (patended), ichen
shop- floor Networked management system, Ductile iron casting and
machining, Jetmaster minijet series, Jetmaster MKIV series, Jetmaster large
series, CHEN-PET Two-stage preform moulding turnkey system, jetmaster C
Series, E.T.C. Due to long association with our suppliers and our thorough
understanding of the working condition in the Industry; It is upon
this note that we are writing you this mail to seek your assistance in
representing our
company in your locality as our RECEIVING AGENT/REPRESENTATIVE.One who
will act as a medium for our clients in those locality to be reaching
us with their payments and so on. Note that as a receiving Agent of
our company,You will be entitled to TEN Percent Payment of any amount you
receive from our customers We seek your Sincere cooperation and
assistance to establish a cordial relationship with our clients.To facilitate
the conclusion of this proposal if accepted,Please send us
the following Information

1) Your Full name…………..and present occupation…………

2) Telephone number…………..and Fax…………..

3) Contact address…………….

4) Age…………….

Thanks in anticipation.
Dr. Chiang Chen
GBM (Chairman)
Chen Hsong Holdings Limited

[End Email]

So obviously they're not looking for anyone specific. Sirs and madams of the world, your destiny awaits! What can these guys do knowing your full name, age, address, phone/fax number, and job? Does this scam hinge on identity theft? Do these people call up some organization, claim to be you, and then get the info they need to open credit cards in your name? Or do they string you along somehow, and instruct you to ignorantly fulfill various random tasks, contributing to the world's supply of evil?

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: The email in question was a scam. It was sent to illegally gather the recipient's personal information. I posted it here for commentary purposes only, in an effort to shed some light on the situation. I am neither affiliated with the email senders, nor do I wish to act on their behalf.

So please don't add a comment posting your personal details. Thank you.