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Korean special investigative team are investigating samsung corporation (comment spam?)

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

About half an hour ago this comment was posted as a response to my post on Theoretical Dollars And Internet Wealth.

[Begin Comment]

Name: oh minseok


I'm a korean living in seoul.(name: Oh Minseok)
Korean special investigative team are investigating samsung
But they do not work right.
I am suspicious to be bought off.
samsung corporation has many crimes.
And the team investigates samsung corporation.
It contains korean companies samsung,huyndai,sk CEOs' illegal issuing
stocks or bonds.
The quantity are plenty.
(Three company CEOs did(and are doing) many crimes to me.
Many koreans are knowing it.
But many koreans are bought off by illegal issuing stocks or bonds.)
The team are knowing it.
Korean special investigative team must investigate this.
But they are trying to conceal it.
I ask for asking for this criminal investigation to prosecutors in any
And help the shareholders and me.

Three companies are hacking me and trying to kill me.
And are suspicious to use my name and email illegally.
If you receive another message that I dictated above are not true,
it is not from me, but from three companies.
The things I dictated above are true.

[End Comment]

Seems a tad creepy to me… First impression: It's just like those YouTube chain letters. Second impression: Could it be real? Third impression: Why bother to comment on a post that has nothing to do with what you're talking about? It's not like you're being robbed in your own home and dial a random number in the hopes that someone will come help you because 911 doesn't work in your area and you've got nowhere else to turn…

Fourth impression: Maybe it's designed to keep people interested…

YTMND Lives!

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Ok, I guess my going along with the prank and entertaining the notion that the situation was serious could be construed as idiotic. I'm a goober. I fell for it, ah ha ha ha ha!!!

But now I'm pretty sure that I know the truth.

The site had looked like this.

But it turns out the owner has made it a tradition of pranking users every April 1st. In 2006, he made the site look like Google had bought it and merged it with Blogger, creating a new blogging platform called "yspace." In 2005, he pretended YTMND's main rival site,, had bought YTMND and taken over, creating YTMNDworld.

So even after yearly pranks and fooling all his regulars, he still fooled at least one new person in 2008. Me!

More YTMND Investigation

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

I checked the Internet Archive of YTMND hoping to find some evidence of past shenanigans, like maybe last year's version of the prank, but alas, success was not within my grasp. The latest April 1 version of the site is listed from 2005, and when I clicked the link it displays the message that there has been a "File Location Error." Rip-off!! Oh well…

I don't really think the site is dead. The cover page I saw earlier said the reason behind the abrupt closure was foreseen by many of the regulars, and wasn't worth explaining. I think that's just an excuse not to come up with a real explanation, which would surely be shared in the event of real closure.

But I guess this speculation is exactly what the creator wanted to happen on April 1st!