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For Your Health

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

Last night I watched Stephen King’s “Dreamcatcher.” It was awesome! [SPOILER ALERT] It had psychics, military action, an alien invasion… There was a lot going on.

At one point, a really overweight guy was sitting on a toilet…

And an alien creature emerged! Yeah, that’s pretty sick. But it got me thinking. A while ago I picked up a book written by a cancer survivor. She said the key to her success was fasting, vitamins, a vegetarian diet, and daily enemas.

Apparently there’s a lot of waste material in our systems — a lot of unhealthy particles scattered throughout our entire bodies. Like, you eat junk food, and you process most of it, but some remains. It apparently sticks around unless you fast and give yourself enemas.

Some people use the technique of colon cleansing not to cure a disease, but to improve their health beyond where it’s already at. You can go out and buy giant containers of Colon Cleanse, and then spend the near future detoxifying your body. Some people claim that after it’s all over, they feel lighter, cleaner, and healthier than before.

I’ll bet the guy in “Dreamcatcher” felt a bit lighter!