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I Bought the "Day Job Killer"

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

I don’t normally buy a lot of ebooks, but a few months ago I decided to get myself a copy of “Day Job Killer.” Part of the reason I bought it was because the web site was saying how some “whiz kid” teamed up with a guy and found all the secrets to making money online. I thought, “Come on, what secrets?” And besides, who in their right mind with the kind of information that allows someone to make literally thousands of dollars a day would be willing to share?

But I kept wondering. Maybe there were secrets out there that I just didn’t know. So I thought, what the heck, I’ll buy this book, give it a quick read, and hopefully learn a thing or two. Well, it took a little longer to read than I expected, since the copy I got was 69 pages long. As Bill and Ted would say, “69, dudes!”

Anyway, I was surprised to learn some things in that book that I hadn’t ever heard of before. There really were secrets out there, if you can consider something you personally don’t know a secret. But maybe lots of other people didn’t know that stuff either. That could very well be, since much of it wasn’t obvious. I mean it made sense once you thought about it, but it’s too intricate to spontaneously occur to most people. Well, to me at least.

So what secrets did I learn? Well, I learned a trick for getting your Google AdWords ads to the top of pages without simply throwing gobs of money at your campaign. I learned ways to think outside the box when it comes to finding sources of traffic to your site. I learned a method that can be used to convince the buyer of a product to go through you, the affiliate, instead of right to the source. That way you earn commissions on sales that are practically guaranteed. And I learned some devious ways to use affiliate links.

I don’t think I ever would have come up with those ideas on my own, and I haven’t read anything like them anywhere else. I think the information must be the kind that is kept hush-hush outside of the guidebooks themselves, since it’s somewhat sneaky, and can be highly effective in the right hands. It’s like why tell your opponents the secret to your success? At least charge for it.

I tried a few of the techniques, the ones I was comfortable with, and I got some mild results. I could have tried using everything I had learned, but a couple of the tricks didn’t fit how I thought of myself. I think another reason I wasn’t immediately successful was because I didn’t take the extra steps to research things a bit more. I was in the mood for fast results, so I limited myself to just going the basic route. I think the guys that make the most money using the techniques in Day Job Killer are the ones who go the extra mile and tweak everything.

That’s probably why the creators are willing to sell the info. If most people don’t do what it takes to make the systems work, then the people who do have nothing to worry about. No competition.

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