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Replace Oil With Another Limited Resource?

Monday, July 28th, 2008

I was thinking about our energy issues, and the thought occurred to me that there is money to be made if we don't opt for renewable energy sources. The location and quantity of crude oil make owning land in certain locations highly profitable, at everyone else's expense. If we were to discover or develop technology that produced free energy on a major scale, there would be far fewer people making money from fuel. "We can't let that happen!" comes the imaginary call to action.

What if there is a direction we're heading in that has already been predetermined by Big Oil or some other entity? What if a few years down the line, we've successfully escaped the need for oil, only to have created a new need, for some other limited resource?

Maybe some people think that's inevitable. But I was really hoping that we could use the technology at our disposal to make sure the next major fuel source is not limited in the least.

The Green Reich

Monday, November 19th, 2007

When any movement starts to gain steam, there's always the danger that those at the forefront, those in control, will abuse their power. To what sinister ends can the trendiest environmentalists manipulate the public? For what true purpose are the governments of the world working in unison to get us citizens to "clean up our act?" Could Going Green be a bad thing?

If we ever run out of oil (which my sources tell me is impossible, as our oil reserves are infinite) we'll be forced to move on to either less efficient, dirtier technology, or more efficient, cheaper, cleaner technology. Let's hope we go the latter route. But either way, Big Oil is finished. No more money. And in that event, we'll have less reason to interfere with oil-producing nations. Our military spending will take a nosedive, international relations will improve, and the world just might quiet down a little. We can't have that! Not any of it!

We must maintain the status quo, and in order to keep people dependent on oil, and keep thumbs in pies everywhere, we've got to slowly, steadily develop hybrid technology. That way, even while we're taking "active measures," going partially electric and finding other partial alternatives, we're still relying on gasoline. We're stretching the final gallons as far as they will go, as long as we can. There's still money to be made and conflicts to brew. We're digging in, determined to leave our scratch marks on the ground as we're dragged toward a brighter tomorrow.

So, in order to bring about this scenario, we've most definitely got to Go Green, but do so at a slow and steady rate. Even though it's entirely possible to bring about an environmental revolution much faster, we're going to stabilize ourselves and move along only as quickly as we must. Like taking out the trash.