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Bond Girl Has 12 Fingers

The latest and greatest Bond girl (Gemma Arterton) would appear to have six fingers on each hand. Take a look at this picture and decide for yourself.

Gemma Arterton - Six Fingers

I think it’s pretty neat. There was an episode of “The Simpsons” in which a scientific reports had concluded that in a thousand years, the normally eight-fingered residents of that world (4 fingers on a hand) would each possess ten fingers (5 per hand). I wonder if that reflected a similar study in the real world, which may have concluded that in a thousand years all humans will be born with six fingers on each hand? That would be pretty cool.

If we would, indeed, evolve to that point over time, then isn’t it interesting to see someone who has already crossed the evolutionary divide? Perhaps this new Bond girl is a time traveler in disguise.

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    One Response to “Bond Girl Has 12 Fingers”

    1. BJ Smith Says:

      I've heard this is a fairly common phenomenon. They usually cut the extra digits off though when possible. My best friend had an elementary school teacher that had a couple extra that were removed early on. And almost anyone who has much experience with cats knows that the number of toes on their feet can be highly variable. Unrelated, my first girlfriend had no toenails. Unrelated but still kinda weird.
      Here is a link to someones theory about a possible course of human evolution.