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New Form of Windows In Development

You may have already heard about this. Microsoft has a new operating system in the works. It has to do with cloud computing. If you are not sure what cloud computing means, that’s okay, neither am I. I’m sure with a little online research that problem could be solved. But I’m also pretty sure that in a few months or years advertising in general will make most of us aware of what cloud computing is used for.

The reason I bring all this up is because I was wondering if and when Microsoft was ever going to put out another operating system. It’s wild to think about the fact that they are already coming up with a new one, when so many of us are still using XP. You may have seen the recent advertising campaign for Windows Mojave, a.k.a. Windows Vista. When I first saw that ad and I was only half way through it, I thought that Windows Mojave might actually be a new operating system. I guess Microsoft has decided to go to interesting lengths to sway public opinion regarding what some considered to be a failed OS. But I remember hearing a few months ago that some of us have been waiting for a first or second service pack upgrade before diving into Vista. I’m still fairly comfortable with XP. In fact, quite comfortable. In fact if I had any upgrade at my disposal, it would just be a faster processor and more memory. XP is awesome!

But maybe the new cloud operating system will trump everything else on the market. That would be neat. But then again $1000 for a new operating system that everybody who’s anybody is using, especially during our current economic situation, doesn’t seem to attractive.

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One Response to “New Form of Windows In Development”

  1. Uncharged Says:

    Actually it's called Windows 7.
    Incase you were interested,