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Archive for October, 2008

Bond Girl Has 12 Fingers

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

The latest and greatest Bond girl (Gemma Arterton) would appear to have six fingers on each hand. Take a look at this picture and decide for yourself.

Gemma Arterton - Six Fingers

I think it’s pretty neat. There was an episode of “The Simpsons” in which a scientific reports had concluded that in a thousand years, the normally eight-fingered residents of that world (4 fingers on a hand) would each possess ten fingers (5 per hand). I wonder if that reflected a similar study in the real world, which may have concluded that in a thousand years all humans will be born with six fingers on each hand? That would be pretty cool.

If we would, indeed, evolve to that point over time, then isn’t it interesting to see someone who has already crossed the evolutionary divide? Perhaps this new Bond girl is a time traveler in disguise.

New Form of Windows In Development

Monday, October 6th, 2008

You may have already heard about this. Microsoft has a new operating system in the works. It has to do with cloud computing. If you are not sure what cloud computing means, that’s okay, neither am I. I’m sure with a little online research that problem could be solved. But I’m also pretty sure that in a few months or years advertising in general will make most of us aware of what cloud computing is used for.

The reason I bring all this up is because I was wondering if and when Microsoft was ever going to put out another operating system. It’s wild to think about the fact that they are already coming up with a new one, when so many of us are still using XP. You may have seen the recent advertising campaign for Windows Mojave, a.k.a. Windows Vista. When I first saw that ad and I was only half way through it, I thought that Windows Mojave might actually be a new operating system. I guess Microsoft has decided to go to interesting lengths to sway public opinion regarding what some considered to be a failed OS. But I remember hearing a few months ago that some of us have been waiting for a first or second service pack upgrade before diving into Vista. I’m still fairly comfortable with XP. In fact, quite comfortable. In fact if I had any upgrade at my disposal, it would just be a faster processor and more memory. XP is awesome!

But maybe the new cloud operating system will trump everything else on the market. That would be neat. But then again $1000 for a new operating system that everybody who’s anybody is using, especially during our current economic situation, doesn’t seem to attractive.