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Get A Life Man – dot Com

I recently stumbled across a pretty neat site:

There is enough room online for the most obsessive fanatics to spread their ramblings about what they think and do. Some people take a tiny idea, or a hobby, or even an online game way too seriously, and way too far. You've probably run into a few of these types before. I know I have.

So someone made a web page that swiftly and clearly lets these people know there are better things they could be doing with their time.

I especially like the picture they used. It's perfect!

Now, instead of being blown off when we type, "Get a life, man," we can make an impact with Heck, we might even change some lives…

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    One Response to “Get A Life Man – dot Com”

    1. Rebecca Dolla Says:

      I actually really liked this. It made me laugh. Very cool.