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Archive for August, 2008

Printer Is An Ink Glutton

Monday, August 25th, 2008

I thought this was interesting:

How your printer tricks you into buying ink and toner when you don't need it

The main idea is that some printers (or maybe most of them) have sensors that claim the ink is empty when there really is a lot left. Some people have found ways to fool the sensors, keep using supposedly "empty" ink cartridges, and still print a thousand more good quality pages.

It benefits the printer ink industry to have printers that jump the gun and signal for more ink too early.

Some printers can burn out if you fool them into using a near-empty cartridge, but others work fine even when ink is so low that the text being printed is barely visible.

Methods of fooling the sensor: 1) Cover the sensor in dark tape. 2) Color part of your ink cartridge with a dark marker. More info at the link above.

Terminator Love Bot?

Monday, August 11th, 2008

I watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot again yesterday. John Connor offered Cameron a potato chip. At first it looked like she blew him off. Then he asked her what model Terminator she was, since she seemed different. She said, "I am," (meaning she was different from other Terminators) and ate a chip.

So I was wondering… does this new storyline have to do with robots that can bear children? Or not even going that far, what if there was some sort of resolution where humankind and sentient machines were living together in the future?

Could a Terminator from a post-war future come back to help out? What would the reason be for that?

On another note, I saw a promo where Cameron exits the vehicle that exploded last season, and gets down to the business of treating her injuries by using a staple gun to secure part of her face…

Oh! Big idea: Why don't the humans or Terminators in the future use the artificial skin technology to coat a duffel bag with living tissue? That way they could send weapons and technology through time… After all, the Terminator in the pilot hid a gun inside his own leg!