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Happy Father's Day

I never put too much thought into the wide variety of cards that are appropriate for Father's Day. This changed a few days ago.

Shopping for a card, I noticed some that seemed geared toward sons and grandsons, and not dads. What could it mean?

My first thought was that in some circles, fathers exchange cards with their children. Of course I'd never heard of this practice before, but perhaps it existed nonetheless. Why not? A parent could reciprocate the feeling of appreciation on Father's Day, especially since there is no Children's Day.

But alas, this theory was wrong. And rightfully so! Father's Day is Dad Turf Only.

Quickly I mentally hopped from Theory The First to Theory The Second, and realized that the cards for Sons and Grandsons are going to Fathers as well. So Billy's Grandfather Hector sends Billy a father's day card, "To My Grandson," because Billy himself is a father.

A ha! It's all so clear…

First comment: Duh!

Second comment: Dude, there is a kids day,

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