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John McCain And The Economy

I think it was Meredith Viera I saw who questioned John McCain about his remarks regarding the economy, as evidenced by a campaign ad that aired in the same week during which it became generally agreed upon that our economy was hurting. In his ad, McCain had said he saw our economy as being strong.

Viera asked him about this, and he mentioned how he realized the economy isn't doing well, and how he plans to fix it.

Then she asked him if he felt such and such a way, where the way she referenced was actually pretty much a direct quote from his ad. So basically, she was asking him if he meant what was said in the ad. He said no.

But I don't think he's a liar. I think at the time, it may have seemed to him and/or his advisors that the economy could still pull through if enough people were encouraged about their prospects. Perhaps McCain's campaign believed (along with many people) that self-fulfilling prophecies are sometimes easy to influence, economically speaking. Or maybe it was a little early to predict where the economy was headed. So they go ahead and shoot the ad saying how strong the economy is, and then air it a few days later. A lot can happen in a few days, and perhaps by that time, the ad had become obsolete.

What seemed to bother me was how Viera didn't come right out and say his ad was wrong, and how McCain didn't come right out and admit that he had been mistaken. He simply treated the question as a matter of "right now," rather than, "This is what I said and why I said it, and this is what I'm saying now, and why I'm saying it." I really appreciate the latter.

But at least we know that guy who kept answering "I do not recall" is (or was) having trouble finding work. That gives me faith that our political leaders will be judged on what matters most — past performance, and a willingness to accept responsibility for that performance.

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2 Responses to “John McCain And The Economy”

  1. Susan from UK web developers Says:

    The politicians will always lie. It is their duty to say everything to make they parties look good. The party which is at the power will lie and will say, that the situation is great and nothing is happening. It is because there are some people in the country who do not watch the situation and to them it is enough to know, that somebody says, that everything is ok. On the other hand, the party which only wants the power, will say, that everything what the other party does is wrong.
    It is how it works.

  2. admin Says:

    That makes a great deal of sense! How true…