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Keep Your Head Down

I saw on the news yesterday morning that a good Samaritan had pulled over to the side of the road to help someone. That someone killed the good Samaritan and stole his car.

I recently read something similar online about a woman, or a woman and a man, who were trekking across Europe in search of the "good" in people. I believe they too were murdered.

I remember the "Don't Tase Me Bro" incident, where a college kid went off on a diatribe during a John Kerry event, and was subsequently chased, caught, subdued, and then it would seem unnecessarily tasered. One might argue that the policy of the College Cops was to get a perpetrator on his stomach by any means necessary. In the video, it looks like the college guy is about half on his stomach, and slightly leaning to the side. His hands were already cuffed. And then they zapped him.

Anyway, I remember seeing in the news (during the somewhat intense coverage that followed the incident) that reporters were shocked about how the college kid's peers did extremely little to help him. Using footage to back up their argument, you could see what appeared to be a stifling of the 1st amendment by a brutal authority. (Although it could be argued that the guy was an idiot and deserved to be shut up, but either scenario seems to melt into the other in a "Total Recall" way.) Meanwhile, the local citizenry (meaning students sitting 4 feet away and watching) does nothing. Well, not totally nothing. One girl started yelling as the cops continued about their business and ignored her.

It all just makes me wonder what kind of a world we live in. I'm the kind of person who takes into consideration some pretty horrible possible outcomes in any given situation. Like, "If you do this, then this bad thing might happen…" "Oh please, that's just paranoia." I don't seriously expect the worst outcome, it just pops into my head as one of many possibilities.

I guess a lot of people are buying into the paranoia…

Or should be, given the first two events I mentioned here.

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