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Free Cool Domainer's Tool

A Domainer is someone who buys and sells domain names on the internet. A domain name is like “misinterpreted.org” or “SupermanLives.com.” This is virtual real estate, and people make a lot of money at it. Well, some people. A lot of good domains were taken early on, but there are still ways to find yourself some hidden gems.

One of the most interesting things about domaining is that you can get lucky when you find a valuable domain name that has expired. For whatever reason, the current owner didn’t pay to keep it for another year. You can snag it up and park it, put up a web site, sell it, or let it age…

But how do you find good expired domains? Network Solutions just invented an incredible tool. It’s an RSS feed creator that you can use to generate a simple, easy to read feed with info on upcoming expiring domains.

It’s awesome. Visit their feed creation page, input a few details, and you’re done.

Let’s try finding domains that include the word “myspace”…

Ok, here are the results. Neat! There’s hottestmyspacepics.com, yesmyspace.com, myspacehelpforparents.com… Wow, this tool is really helpful.

So if you’re interested in domain names and would like to try out this crazy new domain name RSS Feed, simply head on over to Network Solutions and get started today!

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