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Archive for April 11th, 2008

Art Rules!

Friday, April 11th, 2008

I recently came across, a website and company that can convert your favorite photos into painted or hand-drawn works of art. You can order something done in Oil, Watercolor, Charcoal, Pastel, Acrylic, or Pencil. If you want, they’ll ship it to you in a tube, or you could have it framed.

The site is very user friendly, and they’ve got a ton of pictures to browse. This is my favorite image from their site:

Depending on the type of art and the service you choose, your custom painting can arrive in anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks. You can preview your painting before receiving it. You can buy gift certificates for your friends. And you can provide special instructions for the artist, as is the case when you want the painting to be different in some way from the photograph. I always insist on adding Scarlett Johansson to every painting I commission!

I think one of the rules of giving great and unique gifts is to make them personalized and memorable. Secretly ordering a professional piece of art based on a photograph is a neat way to surprise someone. Won’t they be thrilled to be immortalized on canvas? I think so. And if the Dorian Gray effect occurs, so much the better!

These days, with so much digital this and digital that, it’s highly comforting to be able to relax and enjoy a quality painting on the wall that isn’t of strangers, or flowers, or clowns. It’s of you and your loved ones, and it looks terrific! Thank goodness for

Kobe Bryant + Hyperdunks = A Living God

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Check this out:

So, the first time I saw it, I thought, "Wow, what a considerate friend that other guy was, worrying about Kobe's sanity and trying to avert any potential problems." And also, "Hyperdunks???!!!"

Then I visited (site looks incredible), where you can watch the same video in much higher quality.

I wondered if Kobe really was just messing around, or if maybe he'd told Nike he'd come up with some publicity stunt.

But watching the video again, it almost seems like a cross between an unscripted "casual" video, and a totally scripted professional one.

I think it was a super scripted professional one, crafted to look and feel casual. I've seen a couple of ads on TV that try to imitate casual videos, but reall end up looking stupid.

I think this video is awesome, no matter what motivated Kobe to make it.

Interesting Website:

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Dot fm is really for the Federated States of Micronesia, but anyone can register it, and it's good for radio stations. But isn't exclusively about the radio. It looks like it's about everything!

I really like the design. It feels professional, modern, and intelligent. And maybe a little red.

It's got heaps of articles people have submitted about How To do all kinds of things, from Maximizing Your Google AdWords Impact to Modifying Content by Using Paired Custom Tags. It's really neat.

The thing I like most is how the ads flow with the content. I don't really like sites that try to shove ads in your face, and with there seems to be a nice, even flow. It's like the content is kept in a giant, clean room, and the ads take up only a little wall space. Nice.

Wow, there's still so much cool stuff on the web that I don't know about! At least now I'm a little bit further from total ignorance.

Aging Nuclear Weapons At Risk For Accidental Explosions?

Friday, April 11th, 2008

I was just reading about how the U.S. wanted to possibly replace old, aging nukes with newer ones. This was in Scientific American in April of 2007.

Some guys said that the bombs would still work after 100 years.

I was only about 2/3 through the first page when the thought occurred to me, "Could an old nuclear bomb from the 70's spontaneously blow up?"

I remember an episode of MacGyver from the first season in which he and a friend dealt with old cases of dynamite that were leaking nitroglycerin. The nitroglycerin looked like clear hair gel. When a single drop was thrown to the ground, that small amount caused a potentially harmful explosion. Pretty serious stuff.

I was wondering about medical trials for new drugs. You test some people for a few months or years, and then say, "Well, I guess this drug is ok." Then 80 years later it turns out it causes cancer. Like cigarettes! Everyone was smoking back in the 50's, and no one was really aware of the long term harm it could cause.

So it all makes me wonder if there are long term dangers that can build up over time, with respect to aging nuclear weapons, and if there is no way we could possibly prepare for them. Like what if there's an as yet undiscovered state that the radioactive material could reach which would result in a random atomic detonation?

If this were possible, every aging bomb in existence would be at risk, and we've got thousands, right?

The Human Tune Up

Friday, April 11th, 2008

One thing I enjoy about life in 21st century America is the incredible amount of options we have. Technology and abundant knowledge have afforded us many opportunities to change our world, and ourselves. In the past, the human body was limited to undergoing certain, inevitable changes based on age and other circumstances. Now, with the power of skilled doctors and surgery, we can reverse certain effects and restore a natural form and function to our physique.

Hair transplants, facelifts, and vaginal tightening are just a few of the procedures that have been and continue to be used to give people back the physical look and feel that they had years ago.

It’s interesting how certain issues that used to be taboo to discuss are now a bit more openly accepted. For instance, some women are to a certain degree unimpressed with the changes their bodies accrue over time. Childbirth and aging can have major physiological effects, and many of those effects are not compatible with the most thrilling of sex lives. Not that a sex life is the only type of life. But for many, it’s highly crucial to a successful relationship.

These effects, coupled with our knowledge of the potential to reverse them, have led to a new wave of interest in plastic surgery. Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore are two internationally renowned surgeons who operate out of Atlanta, and have used surgery and lasers to reform that certain part of a woman’s body to make it regain its lost youth. They have done this in 46 states, and in 23 countries. Their comprehensive web site can be reached at

Not bad at all, but this topic is rather little of interest. Please do not disappoint your readership. (Comment Spam)

Friday, April 11th, 2008

I recently noticed that a comment was posted that urged me to shy away from posting "lesser" tidbits of interest, and focus on pleasing my readership.

I must not disappoint my millions of readers…

"But wait," I thought. "Could the person posting this comment consider my site worthy of such a remark?"

I had to be sure.

So I searched google for the exact contents of the comment.

203 results came up.

Unlucky me, I was sucked into thinking that my little old blog was interesting enough to be taken seriously.

The real clincher for how I know the comment was bogus is the fact that both the comment posted here and the first one I found on google point to [blah] and seem to advertise risqué content.

Ho hum, another day of spam-motivated deceit…