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Paul Hogan Invented HDPE

Can you believe it?! Mick Dundee…

Actually, it was a different Paul Hogan who invented High Density Polyethylene. And he had the help of Robert Banks. Both worked for Phillips Petroleum, and this was back in 1951. So they come up with this stuff, and it gets used to make hula hoops, and everybody goes nuts for those things. So HDPE immediately cements itself a place in history.

Fast forward a few decades, and HDPE is still around, being used to make all types of things, including children’s toys. Truly a superior toy material. It’s definitely better than lead! Although that lead train set is still a holiday favorite.

Anyway, you’ve probably seen HDPE in use more than you think, as milk bottles and water pipes. I’ve seen it around. It’s represented by a number 2 in the “recycle this” triangle. HDPE rules! And manufacturers of items consisting of HDPE can buy their polyethylene in a whole variety of convenient formats: film, granules, regrind, pellets, or just basic scrap.

Did you know that if you had an excess of HDPE on your hands, you could pay people to take it away? That’s right! Because they can break it down, refine it, and then sell it to companies that go through HDPE like mad. I mean if it’s everywhere, it’s got to come from somewhere. Raw Polymers Ltd is a company that will pay you for your post industrial and post consumer HDPE.

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