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The Next Class Of Web Pages

I think it's going to be pretty cool.

So in the beginning there was the basic web functionality. Then came design improvements. And then again, better web design. And upgraded functionality!

Now a lot of web pages look amazing.

But I think there's something relatively new (to the average Joe) that will eventually become standard.

I think that in the future, most or all web pages will be able to update most or all of their content without reloading the page.

Sure, we've got that technology. Sure, those capabilities exist. But they haven't become widespread yet. And once that happens, they will be refined, and built into simple user interfaces as part of content management systems.

So then you'd do a tiny amount of work behind the scenes on your blog or site using a free, open-source CMS, and Presto! Your web page becomes truly dynamic. I can't wait.

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