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Better Options For The Little Guys

I feel like things are becoming more and more accessible these days. Buffalo chicken used to be only available in restaurants; now we can buy the sauce and pre-made wings at the store! Certain extras only applied when wealthy groups bought in bulk; now the average can get those benefits no matter how small their order!

I just found out that a company is offering a service where they’ll customize Visa Gift Cards with the logo of your small or medium business. This company is called GiftCardLab.

It used to be that only Fortune 500 companies could buy Visa Gift Cards that came customized. They’d order a ton, slap their logo on there, and the provide all their employees with a corporate incentive. But the small and medium business guys couldn’t do that. Well now you can!

Why would you want a customized gift card for your business? Because it’s a highly appropriate corporate gift. And it’s great for the holidays, employee anniversaries, contests, golf tournaments for charity, referrals, customer thank you’s, and for providing that extra push of motivation for your sales associates.

The best part about GiftCardLab? There’s no minimum that you have to buy! I wonder what the world has in store for us next…

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