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Archive for April 7th, 2008

Are You A Sports Addict?

Monday, April 7th, 2008

You may be aware that I’m still not over my incredibly painful addiction to money. Good thing I don’t suffer from the similarly debilitating sports addiction. Although sometimes I just want to kick back and watch the game! With chips and dip of all varieties… And then if I don’t like what’s happening I’ll yell at the TV! And if I really don’t like what’s going on… Well let’s just say I lose more TVs that way.

I guess it would be really bad if I was a gambling junkie on top of everything, and needed to constantly update my baseball betting picks.

Thankfully, I’m a bigger fan of betting on…the DSRL!

Things Are Easier To Verify?

Monday, April 7th, 2008

I guess in certain sectors. A top government official could probably do one thing and say another, and nobody would know. Or at least, the people who "shouldn't" know, wouldn't know. I know I don't.

For us little people living outside the security fence, our world is pretty heavily monitored. Actually, it's probably always been this way, we're just better equipped to communicate what we see and hear now.

I just found out that Hillary Clinton "screwed up" again in her telling of an unfortunate hospital experience one woman had. She didn't name that many specifics, but some people apparently had enough to go on, because eventually the full details of the case were published in the media. Then the hospital in question felt it necessary to defend itself, and said, "Knock it off, it's a lie!" So Hillary stopped. But it turns out that what she said really is somewhat accurate.

So, ok, she didn't get her info from hidden spy cameras. She got it from talking to a County Deputy Sheriff. And even he didn't have all the facts. The only reason there was so much scrutiny is because the final telling of the story (by Hillary to various groups and crowds) made a decent impression, and the hospital was losing rep points in the public eye.

"You jerk, you bad hospital. You're bad!"

And the hospital says, "Oh, that's just not right. Information! I demand information! Yes…ah ha…found it…Read this! Listen, look here everybody! Hillary was wrong again! We're in the clear!"

Hillary wasn't that wrong. My first impression reading that article was that, "Oh no, she can't be trusted. She's a liar, through and through." But that's not the case at all.

I wonder if the top dogs in the media (or at Yahoo) decided to milk this story for all it's worth, and tried to factor it in with the previous Bosnia debacle? Without seeming like that's what they were doing…

Anyway, the hospital problem happened at our level. Then the Sheriff learned of it. Reported the story to a Presidential candidate, who reported to all of us. And then we boycott hospitals nationwide! "Chin up folks, we can't get sick no more!"

My reason for writing this out is that twice in a row, it seems, a major political figure (the same both times) has been corrected by the media. I guess the media is like a selective bullhorn that certain sectors of the public gain access to from time to time.

I feel like a few years ago a candidate would say something, you'd think, "They must be right," and no one would come up and say anything otherwise.

But now we're all about the truth.

…Or are we? [Dunh dunh dunnnnnnnnnnn......]

Better Options For The Little Guys

Monday, April 7th, 2008

I feel like things are becoming more and more accessible these days. Buffalo chicken used to be only available in restaurants; now we can buy the sauce and pre-made wings at the store! Certain extras only applied when wealthy groups bought in bulk; now the average can get those benefits no matter how small their order!

I just found out that a company is offering a service where they’ll customize Visa Gift Cards with the logo of your small or medium business. This company is called GiftCardLab.

It used to be that only Fortune 500 companies could buy Visa Gift Cards that came customized. They’d order a ton, slap their logo on there, and the provide all their employees with a corporate incentive. But the small and medium business guys couldn’t do that. Well now you can!

Why would you want a customized gift card for your business? Because it’s a highly appropriate corporate gift. And it’s great for the holidays, employee anniversaries, contests, golf tournaments for charity, referrals, customer thank you’s, and for providing that extra push of motivation for your sales associates.

The best part about GiftCardLab? There’s no minimum that you have to buy! I wonder what the world has in store for us next…

The Future Is Now, Again!

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Recently I updated my blog. I can't believe how different the administrative interface is. It's awesome. They must have worked forever, because it looks amazing. And seems faster!

I got to thinking… The more things change, the more we have to think in order to keep up.

But I think I'm getting used to it. Maybe too much. Sometimes I catch myself wishing a newly upgraded technology would hurry up and come on the market. Like a faster CPU! Come on, where are the 10 Gig-ers?

Or…where's the hydrogen fuel cell?

Or…where's the voice responsive AI in the glove compartment?

KITT, they drugged me…Get me outta here now!

[I'm on it, Michael.]