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Archive for April 6th, 2008

I'm Off The Wagon!

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

[Regains consciousness, sees test results for 2nd time]

Oh no, I’m not clean anymore! All those years of rehab… I gotta give my sponsor a call, quick! Hmm, but how much will it cost?

You too can find out if you have an addiction, like I did. Fun blog quizzes can provide you with the most shocking answers! I couldn’t believe it. But numbers don’t lie. Numbers… Just add a dollar sign and you’ve got money!

No! Must resist…the urge to…think…in…monetary…terms!

"Almost Done" In Iraq Claim #47

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

I've heard from McCain and others that our time in Iraq may be lengthy. Maybe 100 years. It's been 5 so far. The general consensus of a large portion of the public seems to be, "Let's get out of there now." In the news, you hear things about "major milestones" and "great strides," but none of it seems to be lasting.

I think all the "Mission Accomplished" talk is really motivated by spin doctors trying to shape the reality of the situation in such a way that it meets the demands of the "get out of there" crowd. If it really will take 100 years for things to work out the way we've "intended" in Iraq, then all the milestones will come much later. So why bother feeding us all the "we've turned a corner" rhetoric? Because it's a way to postpone the inevitable.

It's like a mother tells her kid to stop playing video games and go to bed. And he says, "Just a couple more minutes, Mom…"

Two minutes go by. She says, "I mean it, get to bed!"

And he says, "I'm almost to the end of the level!" Either that's what he thinks (and he's wrong), or he's lying.

Another 5 minutes go by. The Mom says, "All right, that's enough. Time for bed."

"But I just found the Sword Of A Thousand Truths!"

Seven minutes later, "Get to bed!"

The party for the war keeps telling the party against the war that "it won't be long now," even though the idea has already been put out there that it could take a lot longer.

But if we stay for 100 years, what kind of resolution could we achieve? I feel like the real major strides are dependent not on us being there (since 5 years hasn't really done the job), but on some unknown factor. Like maybe some agreement must be reached between a number of other countries, or some new technology needs to be invented that solves a major problem.

That could happen, and we're in Iraq in 2020. "War is over! Iraq is all better! Mission Accomplished."

Or we're not in Iraq in 2020, and those unrelated developments still take place. "Iraq is all better! Thanks to [insert solution here]."

I support America, I support the American people, and I support our troops. I believe blindly following the leadership without questioning the status quo is a quick route to an unregulated authority that inevitably weakens the public and the country. I think it makes logical sense that people who truly love their country are willing to judge what those in power are doing to ensure that the state of the nation remains strong.