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Korean special investigative team are investigating samsung corporation (comment spam?)

About half an hour ago this comment was posted as a response to my post on Theoretical Dollars And Internet Wealth.

[Begin Comment]

Name: oh minseok


I'm a korean living in seoul.(name: Oh Minseok)
Korean special investigative team are investigating samsung
But they do not work right.
I am suspicious to be bought off.
samsung corporation has many crimes.
And the team investigates samsung corporation.
It contains korean companies samsung,huyndai,sk CEOs' illegal issuing
stocks or bonds.
The quantity are plenty.
(Three company CEOs did(and are doing) many crimes to me.
Many koreans are knowing it.
But many koreans are bought off by illegal issuing stocks or bonds.)
The team are knowing it.
Korean special investigative team must investigate this.
But they are trying to conceal it.
I ask for asking for this criminal investigation to prosecutors in any
And help the shareholders and me.

Three companies are hacking me and trying to kill me.
And are suspicious to use my name and email illegally.
If you receive another message that I dictated above are not true,
it is not from me, but from three companies.
The things I dictated above are true.

[End Comment]

Seems a tad creepy to me… First impression: It's just like those YouTube chain letters. Second impression: Could it be real? Third impression: Why bother to comment on a post that has nothing to do with what you're talking about? It's not like you're being robbed in your own home and dial a random number in the hopes that someone will come help you because 911 doesn't work in your area and you've got nowhere else to turn…

Fourth impression: Maybe it's designed to keep people interested…

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4 Responses to “Korean special investigative team are investigating samsung corporation (comment spam?)”

  1. Flo Says:

    This comment was posted to my blog as well (also at a totally unrelated post). Seems like it has been postet to a whole lot of weblogs.

    My best guess that it really is like one of these chain letters. I deleted it on my blog.

  2. AC Says:

    Weird. I got the same message on my blog and it totally creeped me out. I did a search for "Oh Minseok" + "Samsung" and came up with your page here. Doesn't look like spam (my site has pretty good spam filters and only this has gotten through in years of running the blog)… And usually spam has a link? Weird. Wonder if it is just designed to see how much information on the net can be generated from it.

  3. Megan Says:

    I got the same message on my Livejournal. Kinda weirded me out.

  4. FosterNieves Says: