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Call Overseas For Cheap!

I had no idea how inexpensive it was to call abroad. Honestly I thought it would be like dollars per minute. But you can call Ecuador for 3.9 cents per minute, Bermuda for 2.1 cents a minute, and a lot of places it’s unlimited! I guess that means that the call costs a one-time fee, and you can then talk forever without being charged anything more.

“How can I get these great rates,” you ask? Prepaid international calling cards! specializes in the calling card industry, and says there’s a current “boom” in sales. Why not? International calling cards save a lot of hassle when figuring out how to place an international call and how much it will cost. And if you make calls to one specific country more often than the rest, say from the USA to India, then you just get one of the india phone cards.

GetMeCallingCards can get you in touch with people in over 150 countries with their vast array of world wide calling options. So pick up the phone, dial the old way, and shout, “Get Me Calling Cards!” Then hang up the phone and surf over to

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