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Remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger said “I need a vacation,” in “Terminator 2?” Well, so do we all! And whenever we go on one, we learn a lot about how to make it just a tad better. Like, “Next time we’ll stay at the other place,” and “I wish we would have [blank].” Those tidbits of information are highly valuable to prospective vacationers that haven’t cleared their schedules yet, which is why exists! is a site that provides a group of online tools that facilitate social networking with a focus on vacations. Travel enthusiasts can design and save their vacation plans online and share them with others. If you register, you can invite anyone you want to join your vacation, and can rank the top properties you discover while away. Sharing comments and insights about those rental properties is an added online bonus. has just been updated to provide video features. This new functionality allows someone renting their property out to add a video to their rental listing and give prospective vacationers a more thorough idea of what they’ll experience when they rent there. focuses on Cape Cod and Florida as two top vacation spots. Destin, Florida is a pretty good location, so if you wanted to reserve Destin vacation rentals, or even just check out the social networking tools, visit today!

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