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Earn 12% With Real Estate Trust Deeds

When I was watching Die Hard, I heard Hans say that he and his cronies would soon “be sitting on a beach, earning 20%.” I’ve always wondered what it took to get a decent level of return on your investment. I think some “regular” bank accounts offer like ½% per year. PayPal I think has a fund that supposedly was getting 4% a while back, but there’s no guarantee. I figure you’ve got to be rich to earn more than 10%. I mean, that’s the only way, when dealing with big money, right?

Wrong! I’ve just learned how to get a 12% return on an investment, with a “low margin of risk.” The investment is in Real Estate Trust Deeds. “High yield first trust deeds and hard money lending systems” can produce a 12% return which would be fantastic for general income purposes, IRA investment, and retirement. Diamond Bay Investments is a company that can help get you started.

You see all those commercials saying, “Buy gold!” But you see in the news that the Real Estate industry is changing rapidly. I think if you can figure out an edge (and I’ll bet there are 2 or 3), you could do well for yourself. Diamond Bay Investments has a website ( with plenty of information on the Real Estate Trust Deed method, and can help anyone learn about high yield investments. Twelve percent! Sounds good to me.

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