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Archive for April 4th, 2008

Earn 12% With Real Estate Trust Deeds

Friday, April 4th, 2008

When I was watching Die Hard, I heard Hans say that he and his cronies would soon “be sitting on a beach, earning 20%.” I’ve always wondered what it took to get a decent level of return on your investment. I think some “regular” bank accounts offer like ½% per year. PayPal I think has a fund that supposedly was getting 4% a while back, but there’s no guarantee. I figure you’ve got to be rich to earn more than 10%. I mean, that’s the only way, when dealing with big money, right?

Wrong! I’ve just learned how to get a 12% return on an investment, with a “low margin of risk.” The investment is in Real Estate Trust Deeds. “High yield first trust deeds and hard money lending systems” can produce a 12% return which would be fantastic for general income purposes, IRA investment, and retirement. Diamond Bay Investments is a company that can help get you started.

You see all those commercials saying, “Buy gold!” But you see in the news that the Real Estate industry is changing rapidly. I think if you can figure out an edge (and I’ll bet there are 2 or 3), you could do well for yourself. Diamond Bay Investments has a website ( with plenty of information on the Real Estate Trust Deed method, and can help anyone learn about high yield investments. Twelve percent! Sounds good to me.

Tech Support Is Not The Answer (YTMND)

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Remember a few years ago when computers used to shut down just to provoke us? I'm assuming your computer has gotten better. I know mine has.

I've seen clips of guys (from the '90's I assume) freaking out and trashing their monitors. It's like you're the king, and your messenger shows up during a crucial battle in World War -7, and he says, "We're losing!" And you say, "Execute the traitor!" It's not the messenger's fault… just like it's not the monitor's fault…

Anyway, I found a couple variations of a YTMND that seemed interesting, and they fit right in with this topic. The first one is the original. I think it's based on an old TV commercial. Make sure your volume isn't too high…

Mad Dad

Here's the second variant. I thought this version was outrageous:

Tech Support Is Not The Answer

You can see the father sulking over the computer on the right as the camera moves left to show the girl. So then when the father shows up from the left, it's like a completely different guy! Could he have called PC Express, and gotten the typically horrible service that many (most? [all?]) customers receive? Assuming the answer is yes, then he must have been so infuriated that he dedicated the rest of his life to inventing time travel.

Years later, at age 79, he's finally perfected his technology. He returns to the time after he got the run-around over the phone, and just after his younger self decided to invent time travel. Old version guy gives the technology to fed up young version guy.

Fed up young version guy then time jumps back to the moment just before his daughter originally suggested to her imaginary friend that her "Daddy needs to call PC Express." She goes ahead and delivers her suggestion. Fed up young version guy loses it and smacks his daughter with the keyboard. Her head falls off easily. …Too easily.

Fed up young version guy didn't manage to prevent the girl from sharing her idea, but he did uncover the sinister truth. That she is a robot infiltrator sent by PC Express! Fed up young version guy teams up with his slightly younger (and slightly less fed up) counterpart, and they use the power of time travel to erase PC Express from existence. (I've never heard of it, have you?)

The only evidence of these events are the two YTMNDs and a small handful of other web media…

Share Vacations Online

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger said “I need a vacation,” in “Terminator 2?” Well, so do we all! And whenever we go on one, we learn a lot about how to make it just a tad better. Like, “Next time we’ll stay at the other place,” and “I wish we would have [blank].” Those tidbits of information are highly valuable to prospective vacationers that haven’t cleared their schedules yet, which is why exists! is a site that provides a group of online tools that facilitate social networking with a focus on vacations. Travel enthusiasts can design and save their vacation plans online and share them with others. If you register, you can invite anyone you want to join your vacation, and can rank the top properties you discover while away. Sharing comments and insights about those rental properties is an added online bonus. has just been updated to provide video features. This new functionality allows someone renting their property out to add a video to their rental listing and give prospective vacationers a more thorough idea of what they’ll experience when they rent there. focuses on Cape Cod and Florida as two top vacation spots. Destin, Florida is a pretty good location, so if you wanted to reserve Destin vacation rentals, or even just check out the social networking tools, visit today!

Firefox Loads Stuff Faster With Mouse Movement

Friday, April 4th, 2008

I've lately started thinking about something I've been noticing for a while. I once loaded up a huge single web page. It was very, very long. Or should I say tall? Anyway, I was using IE, and it took forever. When I tried it in Firefox, it was a lot faster. Scrolling down on that page in IE was torture. It would freeze up, then load like 1/8 of the area you wanted to be on, on top of the 7/8 remaining of the other area that was fading — but fading way too slowly! Scrolling in FF was super fast. And that got me thinking.

I realized that while IE seems to divide its resources over all the content at once, FF uses its resources to focus solely on what it thinks you want. So when you load a big page in IE, it keeps tabs on everything, slowing it down. But when you load the same page in FF, it only pays attention to what is in the viewing area, and all the content above and below just goes into limbo, off into the ether, and doesn't take up any excess processing power. (At least this is my non-technical hippy-speak theory.)

I've learned that this rule extends to embedded YouTube videos. This is where the mouse movement comes in. That DSRL theme song was taking forever to load in FF. Then I moved my mouse, and all of a sudden the gray download progress bar jumped ahead. Yes! I stopped moving the mouse; the bar stopped moving. I moved my mouse a little, the bar moved a little. I moved my mouse a lot, continually, and the bar then went into a stead load.

Huh. Let's try loading the same page in IE. Ok, see the video, good, click to play (since it won't load without first getting that go-ahead), ok, now pause, and BAM! It immediately loads up lightning quick. What do you know? IE seems superior in this regard.

So I must say I do enjoy FF's focus-oriented loading better than IE's, but when it comes to embedded videos, it seems like a hassle to have to wave your mouse in front of the video just to get it to load. Maybe FF already knows about this and is working on it…

Digital Frames Rock!

Friday, April 4th, 2008

I once heard about something I think Bill Gates came up with for one of his Smart Houses. It’s a piece of artwork that changes based on who’s standing in the room. It’s like a framed painting on the wall that updates to suit the needs and desires of all present company. Well, that piece of technology is now widely available. It’s called a digital photo frame.

Basically it’s a really thin computer screen with all your favorite images stored in its memory. Digital Frames Direct is a wholesaler of digital photo frames, and is in fact the largest such wholesaler in the UK.

You can give digital frames to friends and family, coworkers too. They make a great surprise. They also perform well as ad space for your business. You can use them to tell you’re customers that you’re keeping up with all the incredible Digital Era technological advances. Can you imagine a Mom ‘n Pop shop in rural Middle America suddenly showing off a fancy new Digital Frame? I’ll bet the townsfolk would be a tad surprised. And then jealous!

Digital frames also serve well as corporate gifts. With so many reasons to buy them, you’ve just got to buy in bulk! And who better to order from than Digital Frames Direct?

I'm Joining Up With The DSRL

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Remember a few years ago when the Oreo ad campaign was all about twisting the cookie pieces apart so that one piece got all the filling and the other side got none? Well Oreo has come up with an even more comprehensive cookie-eating style. Now, after the twist (which seems to be incorporated into the whole process), you and a friend each position the cream-covered cookie piece in front of your tongue, and lick the icing off as fast as you can. Whoever finishes first wins.

This technique is all part of the new Oreo Double Stuf Racing League. Eli and Peyton Manning have already joined. There's even a theme song:

It's the League of the Future
For the Mighty and the Bold
Legends will be made
Once the Fever takes hold

Enter the Arena
Battle for the Crown
Who will be the Victor
Who's the Best Around



Lick like-a thunder
Twist like the wind
Dunk like a volcano
It's time for us to win!


D-S-R-L (D)
D-S-R-L (S)
D-S-R-L (R)

Game Day Has Arrived

The Future Is Now

Are You Ready?

Prepare To Lick!

(Electric Guitar Solo)

D-S-R-L (Deep voice going "Mmmmm…")

D-S-R-L (Lick like-a thunder)
D-S-R-L (Twist like the wind)
D-S-R-L (Dunk like a volcano)
Yeah! (It's time for us to win!)

D-S-R-L (D)
D-S-R-L (S)
D-S-R-L (R)
D-S-R-L (L) (Na na na na na na)

D-S-R-L (D)
D-S-R-L (S) (Whoa-ooh whoa, whoa!)
D-S-R-L (R)
Yeah! (L) (Do it, Do it, The RL!)


I love it.