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Temporary Housing Options

This is neat, I didn’t know there was a company like this. If you’re on business, or a government assignment, or your house blows up and you need a place to stay, National Corporate Housing can help you find temporary housing that’s perfect for you. Affordable custom corporate housing is just one of their specialties.

Instead of you sifting through classified ads or spending hours surfing the web, you just let NCH know what you want and need, and they’ll search their database. You can specify where you want to live in a new town, like near a school or your new office, or near the city’s hot spot. You can also indicate which floor you want to live on, and whether you need a garage, custom furnishings and amenities, and a pet-friendly atmosphere.

This can be a great service for when you’re relocating because of work, and it’s very helpful if some kind of disaster uproots your family. National Corporate Housing would work directly with your insurance company in the case of a housing catastrophe. So whatever your situation, if you’re in need of affordable temporary housing, National Corporate Housing can provide a solution.

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