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Marty McFly Plays Power Metal In 1955

This is another YTMND that I thought was interesting. Check it out.

Someone took The Enchantment Under the Sea Dance scene from "Back to the Future" and edited it to change the part where Marty goes nuts on the guitar. Instead of hearing what he originally plays, you hear the end of an intense song called "Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce, an English power metal band.

I mean, this song is nuts! And to imagine Marty playing that instead… it's mind blowing. It makes perfect sense for Strickland to cover his ears.

I can only imagine how you'd feel if you were there living in 1955, and all of a sudden some psycho with a guitar loses it and plays something too wild to comprehend.

You might say, "He's in league with Lucifer!!"

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