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Flying Ambulances For Hire

Did you know about this? This is hard-core. There’s such a thing as Air Ambulance Service. A jet flies around the world picking up people in health care emergencies. Unreal!

I used to play a video game where you flew a jet around the world, and one of the missions was to pick up a scientist in distress. This seems just like that. I thought only the military did stuff like this. But you can hire these guys!

AeroCare Air Ambulance Service provides “24 hour emergency and non-emergency ambulance services throughout the world.” So you go on vacation, get majorly sick, and the hospital system in the Bermuda Triangle isn’t so great. Whatever! Just call up AeroCare! You can get a great deal on medivac. I can’t believe this. A professional medivac service. Who knew?

The flight crew is highly trained, focused on safety and service, and the knowledgeable medivac staff will treat you like you’re their family. This is incredible! And the best part? They provide direct billing to your insurance.

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