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Archive for April 3rd, 2008

Temporary Housing Options

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

This is neat, I didn’t know there was a company like this. If you’re on business, or a government assignment, or your house blows up and you need a place to stay, National Corporate Housing can help you find temporary housing that’s perfect for you. Affordable custom corporate housing is just one of their specialties.

Instead of you sifting through classified ads or spending hours surfing the web, you just let NCH know what you want and need, and they’ll search their database. You can specify where you want to live in a new town, like near a school or your new office, or near the city’s hot spot. You can also indicate which floor you want to live on, and whether you need a garage, custom furnishings and amenities, and a pet-friendly atmosphere.

This can be a great service for when you’re relocating because of work, and it’s very helpful if some kind of disaster uproots your family. National Corporate Housing would work directly with your insurance company in the case of a housing catastrophe. So whatever your situation, if you’re in need of affordable temporary housing, National Corporate Housing can provide a solution.

Cadbury Eggs On eBay

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

I just got the idea that maybe some people are putting various supplies of Cadbury Cream Eggs for sale on eBay. Sure enough, you can get your fill!

I saw near the bottom there was a huge case of them for like $150, shipping included. I thought it would be great to have access to so many… you'd never run out!

But then the thought occurred to me… could there be some sicko … with a syringe … injecting them all … with poison?!!

…I think I'll wait until next year.

Plenty Of Wood Products To Go Around

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Sometimes cutting down your own trees and shaping the wood to specification isn’t enough. Natural wood is prone to termites and fungal decay. That’s where treated wood and wood preservatives come in.

Pacific Wood is a wood preserving company that provides all kinds of treated wood products. If you need distribution poles, they’ve got ‘em. If you’re desperate for transmission poles, PW’s there. If you need telephone poles of the highest quality, then turn to Pacific Wood.

Even if your needs extend into the area of agricultural treated wood products and Pac-Bor treated sill plate, Pacific Wood has you covered. So the next time you need a treated wood product or a wood preservative, think of Pacific Wood.

Marty McFly Plays Power Metal In 1955

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

This is another YTMND that I thought was interesting. Check it out.

Someone took The Enchantment Under the Sea Dance scene from "Back to the Future" and edited it to change the part where Marty goes nuts on the guitar. Instead of hearing what he originally plays, you hear the end of an intense song called "Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce, an English power metal band.

I mean, this song is nuts! And to imagine Marty playing that instead… it's mind blowing. It makes perfect sense for Strickland to cover his ears.

I can only imagine how you'd feel if you were there living in 1955, and all of a sudden some psycho with a guitar loses it and plays something too wild to comprehend.

You might say, "He's in league with Lucifer!!"

Flying Ambulances For Hire

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Did you know about this? This is hard-core. There’s such a thing as Air Ambulance Service. A jet flies around the world picking up people in health care emergencies. Unreal!

I used to play a video game where you flew a jet around the world, and one of the missions was to pick up a scientist in distress. This seems just like that. I thought only the military did stuff like this. But you can hire these guys!

AeroCare Air Ambulance Service provides “24 hour emergency and non-emergency ambulance services throughout the world.” So you go on vacation, get majorly sick, and the hospital system in the Bermuda Triangle isn’t so great. Whatever! Just call up AeroCare! You can get a great deal on medivac. I can’t believe this. A professional medivac service. Who knew?

The flight crew is highly trained, focused on safety and service, and the knowledgeable medivac staff will treat you like you’re their family. This is incredible! And the best part? They provide direct billing to your insurance.

Garfield Is Dead, Haunting Jon's Old House In Denial

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

This freaked me out the first time I heard.

Back in 1989, a week before Halloween, Jim Davis began a short storyline in which Garfield discovered himself all alone in a dark, deserted house. No one had been in that house for years. So what was going on?

There were 6 separate strips in this story line. Check them out:

Wikipedia says that among the theories regarding the meaning of these strips, there's the possibility that "Garfield was either dead or starving to death in an abandoned house, imagining future strips in a state of denial."

Evidence supporting the idea that Garfield is dead and imagining current strips (and all others subsequent to October 28, 1989) in a state of denial:

  • October 27, 1989 – During Garfield's odd experience, he suddenly sees Jon and Odie. Jon offers Garfield food. Jon disappears. If Garfield imagined Jon then, he could have gotten much better at imagining things. Maybe he could imagine his whole life.

  • October 27, 1989 – Caption: "Locked fast within a time when he no longer exists, Garfield grapples with his greatest fear… loneliness." How is he locked within this time? Two possibilities. Either he is imagining it (like in a dream), or it is real. If it is a dream, and he can't wake up, he's locked in. If it's real, and he can't change things (i.e., go back in time to when he was alive and when Jon still lived in the house), he's locked in. So the caption doesn't definitively specify one way or another (dream or reality), but it does leave room for the possibility that Garfield really is dead.
  • October 28, 1989 – Caption: "After years of taking life for granted, Garfield is shaken by a horrifying vision of the inevitable process called 'time.' He has only one weapon… denial." Maybe some of those years (the ones leading up to 1989) were also denial of his death. He "woke up" to reality for a few moments, realized the truth, and quickly dove back in to his make-believe world, using denial to shelter himself.
  • October 28, 1989 – Garfield says, "I don't want to be alone," and immediately Jon and Odie appear. Garfield is in the same position he was in the "Dead Garfield" reality. His arms were raised. If he had been sleeping, he likely wouldn't have been on the counter. He'd have been in his bed box. He'd have woken up, and still have been tucked in. So if the "Dead Garfield" reality was part of a dream, and Jon and Odie are part of Garfield's reality, then Garfield experienced that dream while moving around on the counter. That is unusual. Jon greets him with, "Want some breakfast, Garfield?" That is just like before, when he offered some food and then faded away. It seems like Garfield could very likely be imagining this resolution out of desperation.
  • October 28, 1989 – Caption: "An imagination is a powerful tool. It can tint memories of the past, shade perceptions of the present, or paint a future so vivid that it can entice … or terrify, all depending upon how we conduct ourselves today…END." The use of the ellipsis at the end seems to denote a "loose end." Does this caption mean that Garfield used his powerful imagination to paint a vivid future of things to be, and that future was terrifying? Or did it mean that he has finally woken up to the truth, that he is really dead, and will from now on use his powerful imagination to shade his perceptions of the present, so as to (re)create an imaginary and comforting home in place of a dark, abandoned house in which his spirit is locked?

I like Garfield. I think he's alive. And Wikipedia says, "Jim Davis is reported to have actually 'laughed loudly' when informed of these rumors circulating on the internet."

But I think that this short storyline was created, maybe accidentally, to show two separate realities, both equally possible. In Reality #1 (the commonly accepted reality), Garfield is alive. So whatever he experienced between October 23 and 28, 1989 was just imagined, and provided him with a life lesson regarding appreciation and not taking things for granted. In Reality #2 (the alternate reality), Garfield is dead, and perhaps was dead before October 23, 1989. Some of the strips prior to 1989 and all of them following that year have been imagined by Garfield out of desperation, in denial of his unfortunate circumstances. In Reality #2, Garfield is possibly haunting Jon's old house, moving around while acting out his imagined life.

This situation is just like Total Recall, where the director made the film so that you never know whether Arnold is dreaming or awake. Most people think it was all real, because Arnold's an action hero, and making it into a dream would invalidate his heroics. I too like to think it was real. But there are 3 distinct realities presented in that film. The first, he's really a secret agent, and the memory implant of a vacation to Mars (where he would have been a secret agent) was coincidence, and never given to him. In the second reality, he did receive the implant, and had a schizoid embolism followed by a free-form delusion. After a certain point in the movie, he was making up the adventure as he went along, and was lobotomized at the very end of the film (the white light when he kisses Melina). The third possibility is that the memory implant worked perfectly, and everything, all the doubts and confusion, was simply built in to make his adventure seem more convincing. After all, he paid good money for that memory implant!

This also happened in the TV shows "Smallville" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Both series each featured an episode in which the main character of the show wakes up in an insane asylum and is told that his/her adventures are all part of an ongoing delusion. I believe both episodes ended by leaving the question up in the air as to whether or not the entire series was a part of one big delusion.

So it does seem possible that Garfield could be dead…

But everybody loves Garfield!