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If You Want Lasik, Go To Texas

Because that’s where Jack Holladay lives. What a cool name. Like a combination between Jack Slater (Professional Action Hero) and Doc Holliday (The Famous Dentist).

But it takes more than a name to justify crossing into sovereign Texas soil! If only there was some kind of list… oh, here it is:

  • Jack Holladay, MD is a surgeon. Lasik surgeon.

  • He is an engineer.
  • He is a physician.
  • He is a teacher to other surgeons.
  • He has written books on eye surgery.
  • He has been published many, many times in medical journals.
  • He was the president of various ophthalmology organizations.
  • He advises the manufacturers of certain medical devices.
  • He has won various honors and awards.
  • He is certified by USAEyes, a nonprofit Lasik patient advocacy group.
  • He was “acknowledged in 2002-2003 as one of the ‘Best Doctors in America.’”
  • Inside Houston Magazine recognized him as one of the “Top Doctors In Houston.”

In Houston, he’s in the top. In America, he’s among the best. With Lasik, he’s a pro. It’s all good! So if you want Lasik, you could go with some Dr. Nick, or you could go to Texas.

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One Response to “If You Want Lasik, Go To Texas”

  1. LASIK Patient Says:

    I don't recommend Dr. Jack Holladay. Here's a web site that describes why you should avoid Dr. Holladay: