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Let's Play Some Paintball!

Remember the word, “Extreme?” A few years ago, everything was Extreme. Extreme Sports, Extreme Cola, Extreme Naps! Now it’s kind of retired, I guess you might say. I’m a fan of “Ultimate.” Ultimate Frisbee, Ultimate Destiny, and Ultimate Paintball!

Ultimate Paintball is actually a company specializing in all kinds of discount paintball gear and cheap paintball guns. Let’s see how many brand names you can recognize. Draxxus! Empire! Spyder! Tippmann! Sounds like a group of mercenaries… But Ultimate Paintball carries all those brands and more, and has plenty of Smart Parts and Dye.

But what about the guns?! What’s the best? The Number #1 seller so I can have the Ultimate technology at my disposal when I declare it Judgment Day? Ultimate Paintball’s top selling guns happen to be the Smart Parts Ion (from the future?!), the Spyder Pilot ACS, the Tippmann 98 Custom, and the Tippmann A-5.

What’s so Ultimate about Ultimate Paintball? Free shipping! And of course: low, low prices. See for yourself at

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