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King Of The Hill – Are You A Fan?

I used to hate "King of the Hill." I thought it was boring. But recently I find myself watching and enjoying the antics of conspiracy theorist Dale Gribble, as well as the morally upright views and actions of Hank Hill. Am I getting old?

In the past, I'd seen a lesser version of Hank in an episode of "Beavis and Butt-head." I didn't really watch that show, but from what I could tell the Hank Hill character was too stodgy, too strict, and too old-fashioned. I don't know if the creator lessened those qualities in the Hank depicted in "King of the Hill," or if he simply rounded out the character with other aspects to humanize him. Whatever the reason, I now think a lot of what Hank says makes sense.

At first, I thought he was ironically referencing many facets of American life, especially when he'd say stuff like, "Now that's a quality product." But now I find myself agreeing with him fairly often, even while taking his statements at their literal value. Like recently when he said, "Like I always say, if you plan ahead, then when things happen you're prepared." I first thought it was a bit wordy for a motto, but it is a highly useful idea. Too often we tend to overlook many small values and tricks that make life so much easier. It seems like Hank is more of a hero because he takes many of those ideas to heart, and lives by them.

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