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I Just Saw The Number 23

Omygod, it's 9:32pm! 32 backwards is 23! Nine has a square (2) root of 3 — 23!

Oh no, now it's 9:33! Two three's in a row — 23 again!

Aw criminy! Now it's 9:34! 9×3=27, -4=…23!!

I thought it was weird how Jim Carrey's character, who seemed to be pretty smart, thought there was something to it. I'm not saying I know everything, or even that I know I'm right for sure. But I really do think that it's just pattern recognition, and selective stopping. I mean it's like driving down a road and waiting for a sign that says "Speed Limit." There are lots of signs to choose from, but every time you see a Speed Limit sign you stop your car. Then you think it's amazing how the world revolves around the Speed Limits. Likewise, if you stop your mind at 23 all the time, you can convince yourself of meaning that you yourself are creating. Why stop at 23? Why not continue?

9:41pm! 41-9=32, 23 backwards! 2×3=6, and 2+3=5, 6×5=30, it's all 30! It always was!


But I guess one could argue that the manufactured truth of the 23 enigma was used by young Jim Carrey to encode his confession, and used by old Jim Carrey to decode it. In that case, the "false meaning" was just a means to an end. So no big deal.

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