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Fountain of Facial Youth

I recently visited, and read that the reason skin sags as we get older is because we start losing something at age 25. This something is fibers of elastin. Basically, all our skin has rubber band things in it that keep it snappy. So like if your grandma pinches your cheek, it will snap back into place. When you make a funny face, it won’t stay that way because of the elastin fibers. Take that, old wives’ tale!

But again, we all start losing those elastin fibers at 25. Major drag. But wait! There’s a new product called Ethocyn that says if you use it 2x daily, your elastin levels will match those of a 20-year-old. Killer.

Dr. Chantal Burnison owns a pharmaceutical company, Chantal Pharmaceuticals, and it specializes in ethocyn products. In the early 1980’s she discovered “a chemical substance that could be manufactured into a very powerful ingredient that would penetrate the skin and restore high levels of elasticity.” Nineteen years of research, and $20 million later, she is now offering her discovery in product form. Apparently it used to be just for rich people. Not anymore!

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