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Ad Where Kid Tells Father Eating Burgers Is Good

I don't remember a lot about this commercial. I think the reason is whenever I saw it, I either muted it or changed the channel.

Some kid and his father are sitting somewhere eating burgers. The kids says, "So Dad, did you know that [So and So Burger Company] [blah blah] with the meat in these burgers? And, did you know…"

I'm not sure what the specifics were. But I do remember the gist. The kid was a corporate shill, hired to convince his Dad that going on a diet was wrong, and he should eat more burgers.

That ad has a hidden Part II that nobody knows about, set outside, a few years after Part I. In it, the father clutches at his chest, and falls to his knees. Burger wrappers waft by in the breeze. The son watches the life drain from his father. It starts to rain. The son pulls an umbrella out and opens it. A man in a black trench coat approaches, and hands the kid a big yellow envelope. The kid opens it. There's money inside.

That's the vibe I got from the initial ad. It seems incredibly blasphemous, in a family sense. I mean, we've all heard about "Super Size Me." We all know that fast food is bad. And here some kid comes spouting off corporate brainwashing info to his Dad. "So Dad, let me enlighten you. Eating fast food isn't bad at all. Your doctor was wrong about your cholesterol, too. Live large!"

It sickens me. And not because I'm against burgers. I like burgers. It's just one of those ads where they try and pass off something completely wrong and unrealistic as casual and good. Maybe someone will comment in defense of it. That just makes it worse, because they've already gotten to you!

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