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Moving To The Moon

When are we going to colonize the moon? The earth is doomed. Let’s move on.

J/k. I love the earth. Let’s fix it! First, we need to solve hunger, war, thirst…and the housing crisis! Lot’s of people are hopping on the bandwagon and moving out of their expensive homes into cheaper, more affordable housing. With so many people moving, it must be a fantastic time for the moving industry! Such an influx of customers would probably create a need for more companies. And with an ever-widening pool of “professional” help, the chances are greater that you could end up with the lamest of the lame. You know, some company that just started up and doesn’t know what it’s doing? They offer low, low rates because that’s the only way they can sucker you in. And then they go and break your piano! How can we avoid this? allows you to quickly and easily sort among a bunch of professional moving companies. The real pros have their own moving trucks, and can tell you who’s who. You can compare and see which company will offer the best protection for your personal items, and which will offer superior pricing. Basically, you’ll be able to get multiple estimates for both local and interstate companies.

The only way to avoid an unpleasant hiring situation is to get in the know. With, you can.

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