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How Awesome Is Your Smile?

Ever since I saw actors on TV with blue-white teeth, I’ve always wanted that. We all tend to fall on the yellow side of white where our teeth are concerned. But somehow, some way, these actors were able to get their teach to completely jump over "pure white" to land on the bluish side. Crazy. Glow-in-the-dark teeth! Some people make fun. But I really like how clean bright white teeth look.

It’s amazing how far dental technology has come. There’s a guy in Beverly Hills who uses all the latest techniques, like mini cameras, digital x-rays, and painless air drills. His name is Dr. Maddahi. Not only does he provide Beverly Hills tooth whitening services, he can also craft porcelain veneers for you, and even dental implants!

I visited the guy’s site, and he’s got a few pictures of before and after like any normal dental office. But the images of where he works…It’s amazing! It looks so luxurious. I guess the Beverly Hills residents demand high society surroundings, even at the dentist!

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