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Coaching Isn't Just For Sports Anymore

I’ve heard about motivational speakers. They get up in front of an audience and inspire people to succeed. Then I saw on TV that there are people who do the same thing over the phone, 1 on 1. Now I’ve learned that there are coaches for business!

ActionCOACH is a company of people highly committed to what they do, very positive about doing it, and extremely successful. They continually do their best at being honest and balanced.

What is an ActionCOACH? A business coach. What is a business coach? Like a sports coach. When you’re an athlete, your coach says, “Gimme another lap.” You say, “I’m too tired.” Coach says, “Gimme another lap!” You run that extra lap. When the day of the race arrives, you’re better prepared because that coach continually pushed you, just like with that extra lap. A business coach will do the same.

But ActionCOACHes don’t just push you. They also listen, and give you their honest opinion. So unlike a “Yes Man,” an ActionCOACH won’t hesitate to tell you that your plan is flawed. It can be a timesaver (and a face saver) to learn of potential issues from a trusted source before you put your reputation on the line to back an untested idea. And that’s just one of the ways an ActionCOACH can help.

The ActionCOACH team has the goal of lifting up everyone they come into contact with in such a way that those people achieve the lives of their dreams.

This concept is incredible. Well, it strikes me as such. I mean, the whole idea of business coaches seems counter-intuitive at first. Aren’t business people motivated all by themselves? When you really think about it, though, everybody can find reasons to justify to themselves why they don’t need to go the extra mile. It gets so easy to rationalize little things here and there. Pretty soon we’re justifying a mediocre outcome. It seems to me that an ActionCOACH’s job is to continually give you that extra push in the right direction, down the path of doing more and producing better results. And if that winds up earning you a promotion and a raise that isn’t cancelled out by the next tax bracket, then wouldn’t having an ActionCOACH be worth it? I think so.

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