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Chevy Chase Is A Town And An Actor

Recently I watched "Caddyshack." Again. That's why I stopped in the middle of a story I was reading about why kids curse at I ran across the following line:

"Chevy Chase, Md., resident Sarah Pekkanen is…"

What's that? Chevy Chase is a city? No way! Is it named after the actor? Does he live there? Is it a joke written by the author of this article? Is it a mistake? What's happening???!!

So I looked it up, and found out at that Chevy Chase the actor achieved his name through circumstances completely unrelated to the naming of Chevy Chase the town.

From the comments: "The town in Maryland's name came from a larger area called 'Cheivy Chace.' (the bank is named after the town). the actor's is a family nickname and refers to an ancestor who repelled an English invasion at the Battle of 'Cheviot Hills.'"

That's wild. The more you know…

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