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Archive for March 27th, 2008

How Awesome Is Your Smile?

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Ever since I saw actors on TV with blue-white teeth, I’ve always wanted that. We all tend to fall on the yellow side of white where our teeth are concerned. But somehow, some way, these actors were able to get their teach to completely jump over "pure white" to land on the bluish side. Crazy. Glow-in-the-dark teeth! Some people make fun. But I really like how clean bright white teeth look.

It’s amazing how far dental technology has come. There’s a guy in Beverly Hills who uses all the latest techniques, like mini cameras, digital x-rays, and painless air drills. His name is Dr. Maddahi. Not only does he provide Beverly Hills tooth whitening services, he can also craft porcelain veneers for you, and even dental implants!

I visited the guy’s site, and he’s got a few pictures of before and after like any normal dental office. But the images of where he works…It’s amazing! It looks so luxurious. I guess the Beverly Hills residents demand high society surroundings, even at the dentist!


Thursday, March 27th, 2008

I just got this a little while ago.

[Begin Email]

Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 15:48:48 -0700
From: "Curtis Anthony" <>

9,500,000.00(Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand Pounds).
100% LEGAL!

[End Email]

Before I clicked on the message, all I saw was "Curtis Anthony — PROPOSAL." "Hmm, I wonder it could be? A business proposal, perhaps? Lucrative, maybe? Oh goody, oh goody, oh goody…"

"100% LEGAL!"

That's hilarious. I wasn't even wondering, "Is this legal?" That's like the kind of thing you have to say after explaining your million dollar idea to someone who has doubts.

"I don't know. Are you sure it's legal to transfer all those millions of dollars from those banks to your Swiss account?"

"Sure. In fact, it's One Hundred Percent legal!"

"Oh, ok then…If you say so…I'll go get my credit card…"

Coaching Isn't Just For Sports Anymore

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

I’ve heard about motivational speakers. They get up in front of an audience and inspire people to succeed. Then I saw on TV that there are people who do the same thing over the phone, 1 on 1. Now I’ve learned that there are coaches for business!

ActionCOACH is a company of people highly committed to what they do, very positive about doing it, and extremely successful. They continually do their best at being honest and balanced.

What is an ActionCOACH? A business coach. What is a business coach? Like a sports coach. When you’re an athlete, your coach says, “Gimme another lap.” You say, “I’m too tired.” Coach says, “Gimme another lap!” You run that extra lap. When the day of the race arrives, you’re better prepared because that coach continually pushed you, just like with that extra lap. A business coach will do the same.

But ActionCOACHes don’t just push you. They also listen, and give you their honest opinion. So unlike a “Yes Man,” an ActionCOACH won’t hesitate to tell you that your plan is flawed. It can be a timesaver (and a face saver) to learn of potential issues from a trusted source before you put your reputation on the line to back an untested idea. And that’s just one of the ways an ActionCOACH can help.

The ActionCOACH team has the goal of lifting up everyone they come into contact with in such a way that those people achieve the lives of their dreams.

This concept is incredible. Well, it strikes me as such. I mean, the whole idea of business coaches seems counter-intuitive at first. Aren’t business people motivated all by themselves? When you really think about it, though, everybody can find reasons to justify to themselves why they don’t need to go the extra mile. It gets so easy to rationalize little things here and there. Pretty soon we’re justifying a mediocre outcome. It seems to me that an ActionCOACH’s job is to continually give you that extra push in the right direction, down the path of doing more and producing better results. And if that winds up earning you a promotion and a raise that isn’t cancelled out by the next tax bracket, then wouldn’t having an ActionCOACH be worth it? I think so.

Chevy Chase Is A Town And An Actor

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Recently I watched "Caddyshack." Again. That's why I stopped in the middle of a story I was reading about why kids curse at I ran across the following line:

"Chevy Chase, Md., resident Sarah Pekkanen is…"

What's that? Chevy Chase is a city? No way! Is it named after the actor? Does he live there? Is it a joke written by the author of this article? Is it a mistake? What's happening???!!

So I looked it up, and found out at that Chevy Chase the actor achieved his name through circumstances completely unrelated to the naming of Chevy Chase the town.

From the comments: "The town in Maryland's name came from a larger area called 'Cheivy Chace.' (the bank is named after the town). the actor's is a family nickname and refers to an ancestor who repelled an English invasion at the Battle of 'Cheviot Hills.'"

That's wild. The more you know…

Moving To The Moon

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

When are we going to colonize the moon? The earth is doomed. Let’s move on.

J/k. I love the earth. Let’s fix it! First, we need to solve hunger, war, thirst…and the housing crisis! Lot’s of people are hopping on the bandwagon and moving out of their expensive homes into cheaper, more affordable housing. With so many people moving, it must be a fantastic time for the moving industry! Such an influx of customers would probably create a need for more companies. And with an ever-widening pool of “professional” help, the chances are greater that you could end up with the lamest of the lame. You know, some company that just started up and doesn’t know what it’s doing? They offer low, low rates because that’s the only way they can sucker you in. And then they go and break your piano! How can we avoid this? allows you to quickly and easily sort among a bunch of professional moving companies. The real pros have their own moving trucks, and can tell you who’s who. You can compare and see which company will offer the best protection for your personal items, and which will offer superior pricing. Basically, you’ll be able to get multiple estimates for both local and interstate companies.

The only way to avoid an unpleasant hiring situation is to get in the know. With, you can.