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Rap, Hip Hop, And The President

Today I visited, and it looks pretty cool. There’s a rap forum for discussing whatever comes to mind, related to rap and hip hop. I thought this post was neat:

“Hip Hop in the White House – Yo, if Obama wins the prez race, does he blast something like ‘Eric B is President’ in the Oval Office? How pimp would that be,,,,,”

I think it would be wild if Obama or any other candidate happened to win and then televised a celebration that a lot of people could relate to. But then again, I’ll be some stressed-out people somewhere would say, “Get to work! What do we pay you for…” And the President would have to say, “Yes sir, Uncle Sam.”

Another topic on the forum was about old school vs. new, and how some people were concerned about the changes in music over time. It looks like the artists who started it all are, for the most part, staying true to their original concepts. Still, the threat is lurking that commercialization and other forces will dilute the purity of those ideas. For more on the issues concerning rap and hip hop, check out

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