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Nuclear War This Weekend, You Going?

I don't think this will really happen. It was just the first impression I got.

Reading on Yahoo today, I learned that "Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki issued an ultimatum Wednesday demanding that the militias surrender their weapons within 72 hours."

Further down the page: "Maliki stipulated in his ultimatum that the militants would be spared if they surrendered their weapons within 72 hours."

Of course, if you run a country (or try to), and a bunch of people go around shooting the place up, it doesn't make much sense to nuke them. You'd be nuking yourself.

But I just figured than any kind of ultimatum in a part of the world that is so problematic might end badly. Like maybe he says, "I'm going to count to three. One…"

The conflict doesn't stop.


Some of the fighting groups' bigger brothers (i.e. neighboring countries) say, "Hey, fight's on!"

"Three!" The enforcer tries to cut down the disobeying parties. Meanwhile, the big brothers say, "That's enough," and somehow escalate the conflict. Then they fight with each other. And it spreads and spreads, nation to nation, getting bigger and bigger, until someone says, "All right! I can finally use the nuke I got! Good thing I saved all the money I made on my paper route…"


Pure fiction? Or crazy like a fox? Stay tuned this weekend…

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