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Get Fat, Get Demented

I just read on Yahoo that people in their 40's with more belly fat than average have a far greater chance than average of getting Alzheimer's or some other form of dementia when they are older.

"It's not clear why abdominal fat would promote dementia, but it may pump out substances that harm the brain."

So, here's my theory on why excess fat in general is bad for your brain:

When you go hungry, your body says, "Holy crap! They're still not eating enough! We better make them smarter. Hey, Sam!"


"Hold off on that dementia stuff, will ya?"

"What for?"

"Our body ain't gettin' no food, ya dummy!"

"Keep yer shert on, I'll hold off, I'll hold off…"

So the hungry person's body maintains the brain, in an effort to fix whatever the problem is that is causing the prolonged hunger.

Meanwhile, in coconut land, the fat cat king is lounging away, stuffing his face with Little Debbie Snack Cakes.

Body says, "Hey, this guy's got plenty of resources. We don't need to worry about his smarts. Heck, we don't even gotta try if we don't want to."

Sam goes to work dumping brainkiller chemicals into the bloodstream.

Fat cat king becomes demented. Thinks he's Batman. Goes nuts.

So, in conclusion, when you fool your body into thinking times are tough (by not eating too much), it may go into hyper mode, keeping you smarter. Of course, caloric restriction has been shown to provide this benefit, as well as increasing the lifespan.

But food…tastes…so…good…AARGHH! Dementia…

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