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Spacely Sprockets, Cogswell Cogs, or Gladstone Gaskets?

Get with the times! It’s all about the gaskets baby!

For those who don’t know, (Wikipedia says) “A gasket is a mechanical seal that fills the space between two objects, generally to prevent leakage between the two objects while under compression. Gaskets save money by allowing less precise mating surfaces on machine parts which can use a gasket to fill irregularities.”

Cool, man. If I owned a factory, I’d make sure to use gaskets. I’ll bet there’s an interesting story about how they were invented. Maybe most factory owners were paying extra to get their equipment to line up just right, since gaskets didn’t exist yet. Then some young worker says, “Gee, Mr. Cogswell, we could combine this piece of equipment and this one here if we only–” Cogswell interrupts, “If only this, if only that. Kid, I didn’t get where I am today by going around and saying, ‘If only!’ Now get back to work. I don’t pay you to think anyway.” Walking away, Cogswell mumbles to himself and trails off: “Kids these days with their dreams and wants and wishes, everything handed to them, why I oughta…” Well, that thinking worker quits his job, takes out a loan, and opens his own shop. Selling what? You guessed it. Gladstone Gaskets! Makes a fortune.

This story brought to you by imagination. Imagination — It’s everywhere you want to be.

So, now that you’re hooked on gaskets, you’ll probably want to see some kind of directory listing makers and suppliers of industrial products and services, right? Well Zycon has exactly what you need. There may not be any Gladstone Gaskets, but there are definitely other, better ones. Real ones. So for all your industrial needs, turn to Zycon.

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